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Paella Cooking Set 42cm Polished Steel pan with 300mm burner (6-10 portions)
Paella Kit 42cm Polished Steel / 6-10 portions

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Paella Pans in Polished Steel, Enamelled & Stainless Steel
for Gas, Induction, Electric, ceramic and AGA hobs or open fires.

traditional paella 42cm enamelled paella pan
Paella Pans from eatPaella. Up to 50% DISCOUNT IN MOST PANS. Here you can find a range of authentic paella pans in various sizes which we have selected for you. From the traditional Polished Steel paella pan or the easy care Enamelled Paella pan, to the specially made paella pans for Induction, Electric and Ceramic hobs, with the flat base. We also have the top of the range Stainless Steel paella pans to cover all the needs for an authentic Paella experience.
All the Paella pans are made in Valencia (Spain) by Vaello-Campos, imported directly by eatpaella and sent straight to your home.

 Authentic paella pans made in Valencia

Paella Pans 
Paella pans Polished SteelPaella pans Polished Steel
The traditional and economical paella pans.
Paella Pans EnamelledPaella Pans Enamelled
Easier to clean and maintenance. Very strong and durable.
Paella Pans Flat Bottom inductionPaella Pans Flat Bottom induction
Designed for electric, induction hobs, and AGA , as well as gas.
Paella Pan Stainless SteelPaella Pan Stainless Steel
Top of the range paella pan in 4 different sizes.
Deep Paella Pans EnamelledDeep Paella Pans Enamelled
Designed for deep fry and casseroles.

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Paella Pans
Paella Pans with a flat extra thick base specially designed for electric,ceramic, induction hobs, and AGA 

BOMBA rice
BOMBA rice paela rice
The BOMBA paella rice is the favourite rice for most good chefs all over the world. It is also called the Valencia rice, 

Paella Pans

paella pans UK from eatpaella
Paella pans made in Spain by Vaello-Campos. Polished steel, Enamelled and Stainless Steel.
Paella Kits
paella kits
Paella pan of your choice with 1Kg authentic paella rice and spices to make the perfect paella. 
Open Fire Tripod
wind shield for gas burner
Cook paella the authentic way with the open fire tripod.  
Paella Gas Burners
Paella Gas Burner
Easy to use, mount and store gas burner. Can be run with butane and propane and are CE certified. 

Paella Cooking Set

Paella Cooking set

Cook your paella outside in your back garden with friends and family. 

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The perfect paella.                                                                                          

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