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Paella Cooking Set 42cm Polished Steel pan with 350mm burner (6-10 portions)
Paella Kit 42cm Polished Steel / 6-10 portions

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Complete Paella Systems

All you need to get your paella party started!

paella complete system - all you need to cook paella

We have prepared a complete paella cooking set ready to go.  It includes everything you need to cook a paella outdoors. Very easy to set up and an ideal alternative to the traditional BBQ!  
All the paella pans and burners are made in Valencia (Spain) By Vaello-Campos, the leading manufacturer in paella equipment

Very easy to set up, this Complete Paella set is ideal for garden parties, family gatherings, office parties, wedding present, camping and much more....  an alternative to the traditional BBQ!

All you need to get your Paella Party started!!

The Paella System comes completed with:

  • Paella pan of your choice and size.
  • Paella gas burner to match the paella size
  • Gas burner stand (legs)
  • Paella rice and spices
  • Paella Spoon (long handle)

Choose Your Paella Complete Set with the POLISHED STEEL PAN (traditional paella pan and more economic) or 
Paella Complete Set with the ENAMELEED paella pan ( easy to care and clean). 


Paella System with POLISHED STEEL PansPaella System with POLISHED STEEL Pans
8 different POLISHED STEEL paella sizes, burner and all you need to start the paella party.
Paella System with ENAMELLED PanPaella System with ENAMELLED Pan
Choose from 8 different ENAMELLED FINISH paella sizes, burner and all you need to start the paella party.

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Paella Pans

paella pans UK from eatpaella
Paella pans made in Spain by Vaello-Campos. Polished steel, Enamelled and Stainless Steel.
Paella Kits
paella kits
Paella pan of your choice with 1Kg authentic paella rice and spices to make the perfect paella. 
Wind shield for Gas Burner
wind shield for gas burner
This Wind Shields are made to stop the wind from blowing the flames of your gas burner.
Made of aluminium this wind shields will wrap and clip around your gas burner and is fully adjustable and easy to store. 

Paella Gas Burners
Paella Gas Burner
Easy to use, mount and store gas burner. Can be run with butane and propane and are CE certified. 

Paella Cooking Set

Paella Cooking set

Cook your paella outside in your back garden with friends and family. 

Cast Iron Griddle

paella cast iron plate griddle
This thick and heavy cast iron material will retain high quantities of heat making a perfect cooking surface.

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The perfect paella.                                                                                          

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