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Paella Cooking Set 42cm Polished Steel pan with 300mm burner (6-10 portions)
Paella Kit 42cm Polished Steel / 6-10 portions

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Q: Are your pans suitable for electric or ceramic hobs?

A: Yes.

Q: How safe is cooking a Paella?

A: Very safe, as long as you use common sense and read the instructions provided. You need to observe similar caution when dealing with any hot foods/equipment, such as BBQ. Children and animals must be kept away and you must mount the equipment in a safe and level area.

Q: How long does a typical Paella take to cook?

A: You should start preparing to cook about 2 hours before your guests are ready to eat if you follow our recipies (this is the traditional way). There is a short cut that is using precooked stock.

Q: How easy is it to cook - will I get it right first time?

A: You should do, providing you follow our recipe. Each time you cook, you will get better and better.

Q: Which is best - tripod or gas for outdoor use?

A: It depends. If you have a supply of old wood and are happy to have an open fire, then the Tripod gives the best flavour to the food. The Gas rings are a close 2nd but are cleaner and safer to use.

Q: What about cooking indoors?

A: It is possible to use the smaller pans on a cooker, but using the Tripod or Gas Rings, you get a more even spread of heat, which you need to cook it evenly. The Gas ring and legs may be suitable for use on a balcony if you do not have a garden. The Paella pans can also be place under the grill or in the oven.

Q: I have a gas bottle for my outdoor heater. Can I use this on the gas ring?

A: Quite possibly. Check with the instruction booklet that comes with the ring and seek the advice of your gas supplier if in doubt. The gas ring works with Propane or Butane.

Q: I want to Pay on-line, how secure is it?

A: Our site uses PayPal, one of the leaders in on-line payment. Paypal are an established and reputable company and your transaction will be handled securely using "Secure Sockets". We do not get to see your credit card number and we will only finalise payment when the goods are ready to ship. You are only charged the amount of the "basket" (i.e. no handling fees). The process involves you giving your name and address like with any on-line store which is not shared with anyone else

Q: I want to place an order but I don't have a credit card.

A: The alternative method of payment is cheque. You can download an order form from the web site. Please post this to us complete, with your payment and we will start to process your order. When the funds have cleared in our bank, we will ship you your order. Simple as that.

Q: Can I get an invoice for my order?

A: We send an invoice with every order. When we are sending gift wrapped orders, we send only a packing note. If you require an invoice in this instance, please email us and we will e-mail you one in HTML format. If you have ordered and do not wish us to send an invoice with pricing, please let us know by e-mail.

 Q: Wich type is best, Polished Iron or Enamelled?

One reason we carry this paella pan types is that each material and model has its pros and cons. There is no single "best" material because everyone has different needs and priorities.

Carbon steel is most traditional. It perhaps has a very slight edge in terms of how quickly it conducts heat, and as a reactive metal, some people feel it adds a desirable flavor to the paella. Its main drawback is its tendency to rust if not properly maintained (i.e. dried thoroughly and rubbed with oil after each use).

Enameled steel pans are made of carbon steel that has been coated with a speckled black enamel finish. They won't rust, they're easy on the wallet, and they make cleanup a breeze. The only caveat is that the enamel coating can be damaged if your cookware gets banged around a lot in the drawer or on the pot rack. But this is a small risk; even if the enamel did chip a tiny bit, it would be only cosmetic and would not affect performance.

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Paella Pans
Paella Pans with a flat extra thick base specially designed for electric,ceramic, induction hobs, and AGA 

BOMBA rice
BOMBA rice paela rice
The BOMBA paella rice is the favourite rice for most good chefs all over the world. It is also called the Valencia rice, 

Paella Pans

paella pans UK from eatpaella
Paella pans made in Spain by Vaello-Campos. Polished steel, Enamelled and Stainless Steel.
Paella Kits
paella kits
Paella pan of your choice with 1Kg authentic paella rice and spices to make the perfect paella. 
Open Fire Tripod
wind shield for gas burner
Cook paella the authentic way with the open fire tripod.  
Paella Gas Burners
Paella Gas Burner
Easy to use, mount and store gas burner. Can be run with butane and propane and are CE certified. 

Paella Cooking Set

Paella Cooking set

Cook your paella outside in your back garden with friends and family. 

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